Monday, 14 February 2011

Probably Getting Rid of This

Hi everyone (uh-huh) I've been thinking about my blogs and wondering if it's worth the effort really. This one probably should go. Nobody ever visits it. If you do, leave me a note.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. Trish..I have sometimes said heyhello on Facebook...I am trying to get some info on the early days of trinity brompton-i remember reading some articles you had in the cross+Word site a long time ago.. (1998).I realise it has been shut down...maybe you can gather all those earlier testimonies under the the vineyard move in Europe- Im in Canada I dont often see info about what happened over there...I hope no matter what flak you have endured that you will also realise that many people have been warned and helped by the posts you had written and documented.. Bless you...some are actually listening!! Sarai